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The Heavy Hitters, formerly known as Trippy Rob & DJ Kay, the Heavy Hitters are comprised of two 20 something EDM/Hip-Hop DJs from Baltimore, MD. As well as being eclectic selectors, the duo has a real sense of pride with their mixing quality and showcase their talent through their Soundcloud (The Heavy Hitters). The Heavy Hitters are best known for their diverse sounds but are underlined with high-energy tracks.

There is no party if there is no party, know that.



Bless your ears.

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With experience from performing side by side with Kap Slap at the Filmore to highschool proms and celebrations, we are open to just about anything you could throw at us.

Bookings must be made with a one month advanced notice.








Upcoming Events:

12/29/16 UltraBar DC - 11:30 PM till

4/12/15 Cherry Blossom 10 Mile Run




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